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The Empathic Method for Social Change™

Resilience, Trust & Co-creativity

The Empathic Method™ is a process which builds human capabilities to find truth in connection between diverse belief systems, perspectives, realities and concepts facilitating the emergence of well-calibrated caring and responsibility.

Empathy is here defined as the ability accurately to understand the other at cognitive, emotional, compassionate and emergent levels and states. We posit that Empathic capability is a central construct for addressing the lack of appreciation for the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life and for integration of the psychic, social and ecological divides which are at the root of current global challenges.

The Empathic Method™ allows a person to move through the Empathic Capability Quadrant™ from the internal uses (Cognitive, Emotional) to interactive or external (Compassionate, Emergent) uses. The Empathic Method™ is not only relevant for personal healing and development (integrating the psychic divide) and governance, conflict resolution, co-creativity and relationship management (integrating the social divide) but it also can be used to integrate diverse ideas and ideologies (integrating the ecological divide).

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