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Make Your Practice
Mean Something in 2019

Step by Step Brand-Building Roadmap for Expert Lawyers:

Learn empathy-based foundational strategies to elevate your legal practice so that you can stand out, gain more freedom and create more social impact.

(Without compromising your existing practice, your integrity or breaching professional rules of conduct.)

No - Guru Guarantee

The focus of all our programmes is YOU and helping you to become the solution to the societal challenges that matter to you. We are a community of experts. There is no individual guru. Our training is based on tools, frameworks and strategies that allow you to show up more powerfully in the world. All of our leading-edge experts we work with have their own businesses, firms, consultancies and initiatives and do not depend on their work in the impact series for income security.


All of our programmes integrate the most cutting-edge developments in the social neuroscience of empathy and this drives our innovation, design and marketing models. We are deconstructing the fallacy of the rational, competitive, self-seeking philosophy of human nature as being incomplete and we help build understanding and capability for the emotional, pro-social, pro-community, and collaborative aspects of human nature. Upon this foundation, we build societal transformation.


We align our impact training to the Collective Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our community members are empowered to create, prototype and scale innovations which have measurable SDG impact. We take a systems view of social change and develop frameworks for more robustly identifying root causes of social challenges and for our members to lead multi-stakeholder initiatives for societal transformation.

“Law is a unique tool for social transformation and lawyers and legal experts are therefore uniquely placed to be the architects and the engineers of the ‘deep ecological’ shift
for which there is now pressing demand.”

Margaret Rose-Goddard
Lawyer, Writer, Award-Winning Serial Social Entrepreneur

Do any of these sound like you?

Are you frustrated or bored with the type of legal work you are doing and want to do more to create real social change and have more impact?

Are you a good attorney, who cares deeply for your clients but you struggle to stand out in an increasingly competitive field?

Do you spread yourself thin taking on too many cases, undercharging for your services, suffering from burnout from exhaustion, lack of money or both, and you know there must be a better way to attract your ideal client?

Do you know that you’re good and capable of taking on more complex and higher-value cases but not enough people know it?

Are you ready to leave your current employer, level up and build your own legal practice but you are not sure how to attract the right clients?

Are you a managing partner or owner of a law firm and you want to take your boutique consulting firm to the next level by becoming the obvious choice in a saturated market, attracting discerning clients who hire based on value and not costs?

Do you want to leverage your legal expertise to start a business and create additional income streams?

Are you passionate about an area of the law and want to find and create more avenues to leverage your legal expertise to work collectively with others to create real societal change?

If any of these sound like you, you might be a fit for our
60 Day Brand-Building Toolkit for Expert Lawyers.

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Let Margaret and her team of experts help you to

Take your legal practice from good to great

Learn how to stand out and gain more freedom while maintaining your professionalism, without gratuitous self-promotion.

Make your practice mean something

Find your Unique Social Purpose (U.S.P.), align that with the Global Collective SDG Agenda and step up as an influential thought leader in your niche.

Leverage your legal expertise to create an impact based business

Understand the paradigm shifts and learn how to identify critical gaps and opportunities that your legal expertise can fill.

I am a lawyer, writer and award-winning serial social entrepreneur.

I’ve built two 7 figure legal-based businesses including the first virtual law firm in the Caribbean and a leading public procurement law consulting and training institute.

I have also built 3 NGOs including one which won the 2014 Global Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Award recognised by Transparency International as one of the most innovative anti-corruption initiatives worldwide in that year, and I have spoken all over the world in the areas of public procurement law and anti-corruption. I now run two UK based firms U-Solve an SDG impact accelerator and the Procurement Innovation and Leadership Lab (PILL) a public innovation consultancy.

However, my real superpower has always been teaching people to develop the correct mindset, and foundational skills that allow them to tap into what I call the Creative Question of their life and to leverage that to show up more powerfully in the world. Over the last 5 years I have connected and worked with several experts to support our mentorship programmes in U-Solve using the latest social, psychological and neuroscientific developments in the fields of motivation and behaviour change.

I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs to learn the foundational skills for super-charging their branding and positioning for influence without excessive self-promotion and to align their work with the global challenges. It has been some of the most fulfilling work of my life.

However, this work has also reinforced to me how crucial the role of law is in society to arbiter power and to provide an enabling environment for social change-makers and for structural change. Law is a unique tool for social transformation and lawyers and legal experts are therefore uniquely placed to be the architects and the engineers of the people and planetary shift for which there is now pressing demand.

Accessing and using the strategies in this toolkit will help lawyers to stand out and attract more high value clients. However, my deeper motivation behind the creation of this 60 Day Brand-Building Toolkit for Expert Lawyers is to help lawyers to leverage their unique positioning to level up their expertise, show up more powerfully and to become the architects and engineers of more peaceful, just and sustainable societies.

What Margaret’s Students say

Learn How To

Go beyond just having a static website and learn how to leverage neuro-design strategies to build a powerful online presence quickly with multiple touch points which reinforce your authority without excessive engagement on social media.

Identify what matters to you the most in the practice of the law and use that to communicate more powerfully and to craft your own unique contribution in the profession.

Leverage your legal expertise to build a location-independent business and create other streams of income, without giving up your day job or to help you transition out of it.

Create a brand that helps you to build authority, gain more freedom and create more impact, without using paid marketing strategies, even if you are unknown in your niche.

Identify the niche areas in the law in which you can move most quickly to the top and which positions you as the go-to expert, without spending 10 years doing the grind, even if you do not yet have the expertise.

Position yourself as a thought leader and an agent of social change, without having second and third degrees, even if you are not yet published in your field.

Become a magnet for the highest-value cases in your niche and become a sought after lawyer, without networking, even if you are in a “who you know” culture and there are already other go-to-experts in your niche.

Elevate your practice above the routine and take on complex societal challenges, without giving up your day job, even if you think you simply do not have the time to do more.

Join with other expert lawyers worldwide in a new path-breaking legal collaborative to achieve Agenda 2030.

“This 60 Day Brand-Building Toolkit for Expert Lawyers is designed for a select group of lawyers to help you to discover what matters to you the most, what you feel most profoundly responsible for in society and align that to your expertise for more fulfilling work.”

What Am I Getting?

1. A Leading-Edge Brand-Building Toolkit For Expert Lawyers to become the Shapers of Tomorrow

This Toolkit is delivered online on a private platform over 8 weeks and comprises 8 modules delivered on a weekly basis. The Toolkit is designed to help you to Understand the shifts, Integrate the learning and Launch an impact-driven positioning strategy for your legal practice or another business.


Introduction to Meta-Legal Thinking
Law and the SDG Agenda
The Paradigm Shifts
The Next-Generation of Legal Practice


Find Your Creative Question | Your USP
Clarify Your Niche
Package Your Services
Align with Global Collective SDG Agenda


Position for Impact
Website Development
Communicate for Influence
Evergreen Client Generation Process
2. One-to-One Mentorship with Margaret

Eight hours of one on one mentorship with Margaret where she does a deep dive into your specific giftings, talents, expertise and challenges and works with you using U-Solve’s proprietary Social Purpose Matrix and Creative Question tools to help you to identify your Unique Social Purpose (U.S.P.) align that to your work and craft your unique path to an abundant practice and social impact.

3. Done-For-You Website Design & Launch

Empirically-driven, neuroscience-based and empathetically designed, our team of experts develops a powerful content-rich website which positions you as a thought leader, resonates deeply with those you are here to serve and which serves as a dynamic asset for client lead generation.

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BONUSES For Action Takers

For a limited time with your purchase of the Toolkit

Lifetime Access

You will receive lifetime access to the online Toolkit and resources and you become a lifelong member of the U-Solve community benefiting from membership discounts for all our programmes.

Future Law Community

Become a founding member of a new community of lawyers worldwide working together to provide thought leadership on complex challenges and re-engineering the role of law in the transformation of society. Visit our path-breaking Future Law Collaborative.

Complimentary Access : Global Challenges Retreat (Law & Public Policy Edition)

2 Day Conference at University of Oxford, United Kingdom – meet and network with some of the leading legal thinkers on harnessing the law for societal transformation and to address global challenges from all over the world. Some participants may have the opportunity to speak at this path-breaking event.

Schedule a Consultation to see if this Toolkit is for you

Who this is not for…

Lawyers who are not prepared to be proactive and take massive action on the step by step roadmap.

Lawyers who have a fixed mindset and who are either not ready or willing to embrace new ways of thinking and doing e.g. you only want to do what your seniors have done before you or you think that having a website is unethical or infringes rules against advertising.

Lawyers who feel they already have it figured out and prefer to wait for their practice to naturally get better with the passage of time and the attainment of seniority.

Lawyers who just want more money or status.

Who this is for…

Lawyers who understand that the legal industry is changing and these changes require new ways of thinking and doing in the profession either by leveraging technology to increase connections, build trust and establish systems for more effective legal service delivery and/or to go beyond the traditional practice of the law and build a location-independent business based on legal expertise.

Lawyers who are not afraid to stand out and who know that they can create waves in the profession if provided with the right tools and mentorship from someone who has walked the road before.

Lawyers who are passionate about the role of law in society and want to level up their expertise and provide thought leadership on some of the most pressing challenges facing people and planet today.

Lawyers who are frustrated about public and private sector governance and decision-making and who are ready take action and work together with other lawyers worldwide to contribute to social change.

This Toolkit is applicable to expert lawyers from any jurisdiction worldwide. We are building a global community of lawyers working collectively to address global challenges locally through Networked Communities of Practice. Please note that this programme was specifically designed for lawyers by lawyers and does not involve using any paid marketing strategies nor does it violate professional codes of ethics relating to advertising.

Not a lawyer?

Do you have a law degree, legal expertise or experience and you want to find a way to leverage that to create a location-independent business leveraging your legal expertise for social impact?

This Toolkit is designed for Expert lawyers but may support those who have demonstrable legal expertise.
Schedule a Consultation to see if this Toolkit is right for you.


Are you a professional wanting to transition into more meaningful work and desirous of building and launching an influential changemaker brand?

Schedule a Consultation to see if our Branding For Impact Toolkit for Changemakers is for you.


See what our participants have to say about U-Solve programmes and events
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