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Explode Your Impact With
Empathy-Based Tools And Strategies

U-Solve Impact Accelerator is a transformational community that helps leaders, innovators and social entrepreneurs level up their knowledge, skills, and personal network to create societal change.

No - Guru Guarantee

The focus of all our programmes is YOU and helping you to become the solution to the societal challenges that matter to you. We are a community of experts. There is no individual guru. Our training is based on tools, frameworks and strategies that allow you to show up more powerfully in the world. All of our leading-edge experts we work with have their own businesses, firms, consultancies and initiatives and do not depend on their work in the impact series for income security.


All of our programmes integrate the most cutting-edge developments in the social neuroscience of empathy and this drives our innovation, design and marketing models. We are deconstructing the fallacy of the rational, competitive, self-seeking philosophy of human nature as being incomplete and we help build understanding and capability for the emotional, pro-social, pro-community, and collaborative aspects of human nature. Upon this foundation, we build societal transformation.


We align our impact training to the Collective Agenda of the SDGs. Our community members are empowered to create, prototype and scale innovations which have measurable SDG impact. We take a systems view of social change and develop frameworks for more robustly identifying root causes of social challenges and for our members to lead multi-stakeholder initiatives for societal transformation.


See what our participants have to say about U-Solve programmes and events

What stage are you at?

Which 60 day Empathy Transformation Toolkit is right for you?

Ideas for Impact

Identify your next big idea and figure out how you can show up most powerfully in the world.

Branding for Impact

Learn how to powerfully communicate your purpose and position yourself for leadership and increased influence.

Start-up for Impact

Interrogate your assumptions, validate your business model and quickly prototype and commercially launch your initiative.

Events For Impact

Learn how to create unforgettable and transformational live events and experiences to build your tribe and explode your impact.

Partner for Impact

Learn how to navigate system complexity, identify root causes and initiate and lead multi-stakeholder partnerships for social change.

Blueprints for Social Change

Cutting-edge, results-driven rapid online transformation blueprints to explode your impact

Clarifying Purpose

Unlocking Flow

Finding Your Niche

Packaging Your Solution

Pricing Your Solution

Positioning for Impact

Legal Fundamentals

Leveraging Partnerships

Systems Mastery


Global Challenges Retreat
(Innovators Edition)

The Global Challenges Retreat (GCR) is a collective of entrepreneurs and social impact leaders working to address global and local challenges and to co-create a better future. The GCR removes the key unknowns in social innovation by teaching a systematic approach that any social entrepreneur can implement to accelerate the rate at which they can produce the right innovations, articulate and communicate their unique value, attract congruent capital and scale their impact.

Here what past participants have had to say:
Social Transformation for Lawyers
60 Day Brand-Building Toolkit for Expert Lawyers

Step by Step: Learn empathy-based foundational strategies to elevate your legal practice so that you can stand out, attract more clients and create more social impact.

(without advertising or gratuitous self-promotion)

What makes us different?

We recognise that every person is unique and presents with unique genetics, geo-cultural background, giftings, talents, skill-sets and challenges. Our team of experts is diverse and carefully curated for deep listening skills, empathy and heart-centred, authentic leadership. When you participate in our programmes you become a lifelong member in our game-changing community of impact leaders and you work collectively with others to continuously expand beyond the limits of your empathy and to create change on the global and local issues that matter to you the most.


See what our participants have to say about U-Solve programmes and events
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