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The Empathic Leadership

Blueprint for Trust, Co-Creativity
and Resilience for 21st Century Changemakers.

There is a monumental shift taking place on the planet. We are in an age of rapid technological transformation and recent developments in the life sciences, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology and social neuroscience fields have deepened our understanding of cognition and the interconnectedness of all life. One groundbreaking discovery is that we now know definitively that we are empathic beings who survived by being pro-social and collaborative.

Notwithstanding, for the last three centuries and most aggressively in the last 30 years, our collective mental model has produced and strengthened the abbreviated understanding of ourselves as homo-economicus, individual, right-seeking, competitive beings. This perspective permeates our culture, laws, systems and actions but it is now proven to be an incomplete model of ourselves. Acting only as individual right-seeking, competitive beings places our continued existence on this planet under threat through the degradation of the environment, persistent inequality and politically motivated violence. A shift is necessary for the survival of our species.

What is now required is a new integrated education model to support trust, co-creativity and resilience.

The time has come for a new generation of leaders to emerge : those who embrace the shift to a more scientific understanding of who we are as human beings – the shift to homo empathicus.

The Empathic Leadership Programme (ELP) is a unique educational experience based on the latest scientific research on connection, creativity and collective intelligence, the work of some of the world’s leading thinkers in the neuroscience of decision-making, emotional intelligence and the Empathic Method™ developed by the U-Solve School of Empathic Leadership & Entrepreneurship. The ELP is designed to help those in this rapidly changing and disruptive environment build the capacity to quickly sense, connect and respond to the shifting needs they serve. It is designed to allow entrepreneurs and leaders to lead dynamically and embody a futures breakthrough mindset through the union of innovation and empathic discovery. Thus, building organizations and products holistically designed for massive impact.

Designed specifically for 21st century changemakers and leaders in the public, private and social sectors, the programme helps to build human empathic capabilities for personal and collective transformation and integrates the neuroscience of decision-making and emotional intelligence into the innovation and impact space. Participants are empowered both with the skills that they need to succeed in the knowledge economy and with the passion required to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. Ultimately, the ELP is designed to nurture and catalyse a new generation of leaders who will transform both local and global communities.

Entry Requirements

No specific qualification is required for this programme. However, participants are selected on the basis of the submission of a Purpose Statement. This programme is designed for mid – senior professionals, academics, artists and business owners who have demonstrated leadership capabilities and who want to increase their ability to lead creative teams, coach others more effectively, and to deepen the scope and impact of their work on current global challenges. Recent university graduates, students and young career professionals on their ‘gap year’ can apply and will be assessed on the basis of their Purpose Statement.

Programme Benefits:

  • Access to the online learning platform and programme materials for the duration of the nine month programme.
  • 24 hours of executive coaching over six months (one hour per fortnight) to help you to design and develop your empathic innovation and branding.
  • Opportunity to participate in Peer to Peer Coaching hours to meet accreditation requirements.
  • Implemented consulting support to rebrand a product, service or solution including a new five page website or blog (domain and hosting support not included).
  • Participation in Empathic Leadership Missions in South Africa, Romania or India – accommodation, meals, ground transportation and experiences, but does not include flights.
  • VR Headset, 360 camera and access to the VR Classroom and Gaming Platform.
  • U-Solve ELP Mastery Certificate.
  • Life-long membership in the Global Impact Collective including attendance at the Global Challenges Retreat 3 day conference.
  • Attendance at the 3 day Empathic Leadership Conference, Oxford University, UK – 2018.
  • 50% Discount on all future ELP Missions.

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