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Accelerating Professional Impact
5 Key Lessons for Making the Shift from Great Career to Thriving Changemaker

(specifically designed for mid-career professionals and academics who want to create more positive social impact)

In this Foundation Masterclass for Changemakers You will Discover:

A simple step-by-step gameplan for transitioning out of a traditional career track and building an initiative that matters without compromising your professional/academic status.
The three common pitfalls changemakers make which keep them stuck and feeling overwhelmed and how you can avoid them.
The neurologically based strategy for how to show up more powerfully and persuasively in every communication, every meeting, every endeavour and attract key decision-makers to your cause even if you are reserved and typically lack confidence.
How to transcend the persistent tension between making money and making impact without having to struggle financially
The number 1 skill you need to develop to accelerate your momentum, surpass expectations and have unprecedented impact.
How to leverage your existing expertise to craft a unique path to leadership on some of the most pressing problems facing people and planet today, even if right now you think you do not know enough and/or you do not see any clear path for doing so.

Margaret Rose-Goddard

Lawyer, Public Procurement Law & Governance Strategist and Award-Winning Serial Social Entrepreneur, Margaret deconstructs her unique “Empathic Method” for creating social change through entrepreneurship, without having to work in the field for over 10 years and, which provides participants with a platform to establish themselves as leaders in their niche, build socially and politically relevant enterprises and initiatives and to attract and engage key influencers and stakeholders in support of their work.

Margaret is passionate in her belief that each of us has a role to play in creating the necessary shift toward a more just, peaceful and empathic global society. Through U-Solve, leading a team of empathy, marketing, design and innovation experts Margaret is now working to empower entrepreneurs, experts, academics, policymakers and professionals to tap into their authentic creative question, uncover and remove their personal barriers to taking action and to position themselves strategically in order to earn more, influence more, gain more freedom and maximize their impact.

Participants in this Masterclass will also learn about how they can join a diverse, influential, global network of changemakers across multiple fields working together to create impact.

For professionals and academics, Margaret is able to pull back the curtain of complexity and make branding, marketing and entrepreneurship as easy as breathing.

See what past attendees at Margaret’s Masterclasses have had to say:

“I have never experienced anything like this online. Wow! I feel like you are speaking straight to my soul!”

Chenelle Mohammed

“Thank you. Thank you Thank you… I know I am not alone. You are my kindred.”

Amanda Fullerton

“There is so much packed in this incredible class. I want to listen to it over and over again. Please can I have access to the slides.”

Chad Thomas

What Margaret’s Students say

Accelerating Impact: 5 Key Lessons for Making the Shift from Great Career to Thriving Changemaker

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