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Next-Generation Legal Practice
5 Key Shifts to Build Authority,
Gain More Freedom and Create More Impact in 2019 and Beyond

(Without compromising your existing practice, your integrity or breaching professional rules of conduct.)

Build Your Meta-Legal Brand Fast!

In this Masterclass You will Discover:

The 5 Key Meta-Legal Mindset Shifts you need to make in order to build your authority, go beyond the traditional practice of the law and create more income and impact.
How legal professional practice has changed and why conventional wisdom of just doing good work, keeping your head down and relying on word of mouth is wrong and will ensure that your practice is eaten alive by more technologically savvy and future-thinking colleagues.
The key paradigm shifts disrupting modern industries and why there has never been a better time than right now to leverage your legal expertise and seize the opportunities to build thriving location-independent businesses without giving up your day-job.
How to identify your area of mastery and flow and to leverage that to build an influential supra-national brand, a thriving practice and to craft your own unique path to personal contribution without compromising your integrity or breaching rules of professional conduct and without advertising
Why focusing only on doing great work for the clients who walk through your door and client referrals, while not devoting the time to clarifying your vision and higher purpose is the best strategy for having a repetitive, uninspiring and unfulfilling practice.
Why building your Meta-Legal thinking capability is the single most critical skill you can develop if you want to become recognised as a thought leader in your niche, provide your clients with the highest quality service and build location-independent expertise.
The three emergent areas of law critical for Agenda 2030 and global relevance and which can be rapidly leveraged to build authority and move to the top of the niche both within your local jurisdiction and beyond.

Margaret Rose-Goddard

Lawyer, Public Procurement Law Specialist, Columnist & Award-Winning Serial Social Entrepreneur, Margaret deconstructs her unique and what she terms “Empathic Brand” strategies for creating a high-impact premium brand, without having to work in the field for over 10 years and, which provides participants with a platform to establish themselves as leaders in their niche, build socially and politically relevant enterprises and initiatives and to attract and engage key influencers and stakeholders in support of their work.

Margaret is passionate about her belief that each of us has a role to play in creating the necessary shift toward a more just, peaceful and empathic global society. Through U-Solve, leading a team of empathy, marketing, design and innovation experts Margaret is now working to empower entrepreneurs, experts, academics, policymakers and professionals to tap into their authentic creative question, uncover and remove their personal barriers to taking action and to position themselves strategically in order to earn more, influence more, gain more freedom and maximize their impact.

What Margaret’s Students say

Next-Generation Legal Practice 5 Key Shifts to Build Authority, Gain More Freedom and Create More Impact in 2019 and Beyond

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